About Us

What we offer

WhiteNet and HRS: Job Agency software
Software project development
Web connectivity
IT and data center infrastructure
Project coordination and management
Formation courses
BI and Data Analysis systems

Our story

Emisfera was founded in Verbania in 1996, as an evolution of “S80”. In 1998 the commercialization of Whitenet product made it becomes Italy's market leader within the following years.

In 2003 “Digima” was founded; currently Digima is among the main players of the digital cinematography market in Italy. In 2008 Emisfera obtains recognization by CCIAA - Camera di Commercio Industria Artigianato ed Agricoltura del Verbano Cusio Ossola per lo sviluppo del territorio attraverso la propria crescita qualitativa.

In 2014 Emisfera built its own network to sell web connectivity services. The network covers the Piedmont side of Lago Maggiore up to the Swiss border, trasversally covering the land between lake Maggiore and lake Orta.

At the beginning of 2017 Emisfera acquires Netycom Srl Co., an over 10 year experiences company that works on communications, App development, web and social marketing.












Emisfera was born in Verbania, as an evolution of "S80" Company, settle in 1978.

Emisfera: the near future

We want to hold our ERP record in the field of Job Agencies for temporary jobs, extending software features to appeal to job agencies that haven't chosen us yet.

We are betting on our Research Lab as a center for development of new ideas and products. In the years 2013-2014 research projects SVPP, ERGOS, WEB-BI, WUIT have been completed, and we want to propose them to the market in the next years.

Board of Directors

Lorenzo Vandoni

Lorenzo Vandoni - President

Lorenzo Vandoni is a CS graduate and has a pluriennal expreience in researching and developing management applications with object oriented programming languages.

Giuseppe Rigano

Giuseppe Rigano - Vice president

Giuseppe Rigano, a member of Emisfera for over 15 years, is a graduate in information science; he's the direct manager of several customers and he specializes in WhiteNet's commercial aspects.

Paolo Carmine

Paolo Carmine - Counselor

Paolo Carmine is a graduate in electronical engineering; since 1997 he works in Emisfera and is currently managing production of the WhiteNet software.

Marco Tartari

Marco Tartari - Counselor

Marco Tartari, is a BS Computer Science graduate, starts as Account Manager WhiteNet Area in 2010 after international work esperiences. Today is general Business Developer.

Ernesto Soncini

Ernesto Soncini - Counselor

Ernesto Soncini works in Emisfera since 1997, is Networking Area Director and coordinates activities on Informative Systems.