What are we looking for

Emisfera is always looking for high level professionals to extend their work groups in both consulting and technology fields.

Hiring is based on the following values:

  • Group work: the complexity and multidisciplinary projects require the ability to work by integrating ones knowledge with those of others, in order to achieve maximum synergy and contribute with ones own knowledge to the task.
  • Focus on results: the project management methodology adopted in the enterprise requires the ability to work to deadlines and the willingness to develop managerial skills in order to pursue the objectives, both specific and general.
  • Desire to improve: the growing complexity and recurrent competitive challenges, in particular in the area of Information Technology, requires the desire to constantly update to be able to propose new solutions to keep up to date with technological evolution.

If you want to grow professionally, in Emisfera you will find the right environment to develop your skills. 


Send your CV to ru@emisfera.it