Ethical code

This code expresses the commitments and ethical responsibilities in the conduct of business and corporate affairs undertaken by collaborators of Emisfera Soc. Coop. and the companies controlled by it, whether they are directors, employees or self-employed workers.

The mission

Emisfera Soc. Coop. has the mission of being the most efficient producer and distributor of information systems and telecommunications, market-oriented and quality of service, with the aim of creating value for the shareholders, to satisfy customers and to value all the people who work for them. Emisfera Soc. Coop. aims to maintain and develop the relationship of trust with those individuals, groups, companies or institutions whose contribution is required to accomplish Emisfera's mission or who have an interest at stake in its pursuit, in particular the shareholders, employees, customers, suppliers and business partners.

Unethical behavior

Any unethical behavior compromises the relationship of trust between Emisfera Soc. Coop. and its stakeholders. It is not ethical, and therefore encourages the development of hostile attitudes towards the company, the behavior of anyone, individual or organization, to steal the contributions of others, exploiting positions of power. Emisfera Soc. Coop. decisively rejects unethical behavior and requires its employees to adapt to their own code of ethics.

The value of the reputation and fiduciary duties

A good reputation is an essential intangible resource. A good reputation in external relations favors investments by shareholders, customer loyalty, attracts the best human resources, the serenity of suppliers and reliability towards its creditors. Internally, it helps to take decisions and implement them without friction, organizing work activities without bureaucratic controls and excessive exercises. The code of ethics clearly states the specific duties of Emisfera Soc. Coop. and it allows one to build there reputation over time.

The code of ethics

The Ethics Code provides:

  • Commitment to legality. Emisfera Soc. Coop. does not give tips to anyone, nor to acquire customers, nor to facilitate their work. Emisfera Soc. Coop. simply does its duty and believes that others must do the same. Emisfera Soc. Coop. issues the administrative and tax documents required by law for each service rendered and for the full amount received. Emisfera Soc. Coop. employs personnel in compliance with current legislation on work and fully applies the CCNL Metalworking Industry both for employees and for working members. Protecting workers means protecting the quality of services offered.

  • Commitment not to exploit the special psychological condition of the client. Emisfera Soc. Coop. does not lure or plagiarize their customers but provides them in advance and in writing all necessary information to make these choices, in accordance with the service they want, compatible with their financial resources with effective solutions. Emisfera Soc. Coop. predisposes binding estimates for itself, but with no obligation by the customer. Emisfera Soc. Coop. informs their clients about the possibility of submitting complaints and to require the solution of disputes in accordance with Italian laws.

  • Commitment to the correctness of communication. Emisfera Soc. Coop. adopts methods and content in commercial communication (advertising, contracts, artwork, etc ..) that will not take blatant, false or unseemly forms such as not to mislead customers.

  • Commitment to avoid any form of discrimination. Emisfera Soc. Coop. provides its services in respect of customers' culture, their religion and political vision; without practicing any form of discrimination based on sex, ethnicity, religion, political opinion, psycho-physical and socio-economic conditions.

  • Social commitment. Emisfera Soc. Coop. donates a portion of its revenues to Social Organizations and NGO cultural and sports associations not for profit, according to the amount and terms defined in the relevant conventions.