Emisfera was founded in 1996 and has since then has been in the global PC market by offering to public and private organizations their skills and services, their consulting and planning, assistance and a specific management product in the Employment Agencies industry. Emisfera is also a research laboratory registered with the Ministry of Education.

The satisfaction of its customers and the respect of mandatory requirements of the services and products provided and safety are at the heart of its continued commitment to the growth and improvement. With this in mind, the company is committed to the maintenance of a Quality Management System, the principles of which are set out in this statement and represent a binding commitment for the management and all staff:

  • commercial proposals made by Emisfera must be transparent, clear and focused on maximum satisfaction of the parties;

  • monitoring of customer satisfaction must be ensured to give the Department a valuable tool for supporting decisions for the purpose of continuous improvement;

  • Emisfera must clearly identify the responsibilities of the people and processes within their organization;

  • Emisfera must define and clarify the career paths of corporate figures and ensure each component of the organization a continuous professional and economic improvement, through the development of training programs;

  • Emisfera must define paths and investments oriented to technological innovation and scientific research;

  • Emisfera is committed to formalize the design methods in information technology and project control;

  • the management system for quality must ensure the expression of the personal and professional potential of the working group, so that there is continuity in company growth and continuous improvement of the products and services provided.

To control, monitor and measure Emisfera's commitment to satisfaction of these points, the direction applies a management system for quality according to the new international standard ISO 9001: 2015 for which the company is certified with the body IMQ SpA.

The measurement and control system of the Company's performance is based on the definition of objectives for improvement related to the quality policy. Each objective is planned by the management with the allocation of adequate resources, both material and financial. Monitoring of the Company's performance against targets is done by the Directors with the help of appropriate quality indicators which show numerically the ability of business processes and organization. The responsibility of maintaining the management system is continuously updated and improved, and to liaise with the certification body is attributed to the Office Quality in the figures of the Head of Quality, Valentina Mitidieri, and the Management Representative for Quality (Head of Quality Office), Lorenzo Vandoni.

The quality policy, the definition of improvement and the quality indicators system targets must be covered each year of the Review by the Department in order to ensure their alignment with the actual and real needs of the organization. The quality policy and objectives for improvement must be disseminated by the Head of Quality through internal communications and staff training.



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