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The software dedicated to Employment Agencies

WhiteNet is the management software dedicated to Employment Agencies, market leader and used by more than 40% of Italian Employment Agencies.

Continuously updated, it includes all the features that enable it to respond in an increasingly specific way to the needs of the Employment Agencies market and, of course, to regulatory adjustments. In addition, it is configurable and customizable to best implement individual business strategies. Integrated with Microsoft Office™ and interfaced with OpenSource tools such as Open Office, it makes it easy to create customized documents at no additional cost. Scalable and rich in add-ons, it allows different ways of cost/price calculation, generation of automatic invoicing documents, management of payroll arrears, optimization of the time and attendance process, and sending documents also via e-mail and Postel. Seamlessly integrated with third-party software, it interfaces with payroll, accounting, time and attendance, web, CRM tools and with public agencies such as INAIL, Job Centers and ClicLavoro. In addition, the W2N (WhiteToNet) module allows direct contact with user companies, workers and external entities (banks, public administration, private entities).

Starting from 2020, all activities related to the product, related services and its clients have been conferred to the newly established Workare srl, a company of the Emisfera group with a staff of 40 people totally focused on the needs of Employment Agencies. Workare srl, a helpful and reliable partner, offers technical and functional consulting for the management of the entire information system of Employment Agencies.

Find out more at www.workare.it

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