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Emisfera, the information technology factory

Emisfera Società Cooperativa is composed of professionals who have decided to become entrepreneurs and who daily choose to invest in collaboration and training, believing that the continuous professional growth of the group is the winning key to be protagonists in an ever-changing market.

We strongly believe in our home territory and, while operating in an international context, we collaborate with local institutions to foster employment and the birth of new entrepreneurial activities.

We work daily to improve our internal processes by investing in training and research, with the goal of being an ethical company that is able to deliver quality products and services at the best market conditions.

We are passion, innovation and attention to detail. We are search for a better society where new generations have space: we do all this by developing software and integrating hardware.



Emisfera was founded in Verbania in 1996 as an evolution of "S80"


In 1998, the commercialization of the WhiteNet product takes place, the market leader in the Employment Agency sector


In 2001, our Research Laboratory was accredited with the MIUR


In 2003, Digima was established, among the leading players in the digital cinema market in Italy


In 2008, Emisfera received the recognition of the CCIAA - Chamber of Commerce Industry, Handicraft and Agriculture of Verbano Cusio Ossola - for the development of the territory through its qualitative growth


In 2014, Emisfera built its own network to sell the web connectivity service: EmiConnect


In 2017, Emisfera acquired Netycom Srl, a company with over 10 years of experience in communication, app development, web and social marketing


In 2019, Emisfera became a financing partner of Archimedia Sistemi, a cooperative company that can offer management solutions for companies and professional firms


In 2020, he founded Workare, the group's new company focused entirely on the needs of Employment Agencies




Giancarlo, a founding partner of Emisfera, is President and Executive Manager of Workare, the group company that manages services for Employment Agencies. He is passionate about building, designing, coordinating and achieving goals.


Vice President

Paola, Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, has worked at Emisfera for 15 years. A lover of her work, she considers it essential to work in a team and firmly believes that combining experiences is the driving force behind solving the most complex challenges.


Board member

Paolo, graduated in electronic engineering, has worked at Emisfera for more than 20 years. He is currently President of Digima SRL, a subsidiary of Emisfera Soc. Coop.


Board member

Marco, a computer science graduate, after international experiences joined Emisfera in 2010 as Account Manager. Today he is Key Account Manager of the Digital Transformation Area and supports major clients in seizing the opportunities offered by the most innovative technologies.


Board member

Maximiliano, a graduate in Computer Engineering, responsible for several companies in the IT field, has been in the industry for more than 20 years. He believes in teamwork and a company that looks to the future. Combining the skills of the individual, they become the engine for the development of innovation.

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