Work from home: a winning choice

22 March 2023

Read the interview of Alice Tentori, sales specialist at Digima, on screenWEEK CINEGURU

When one thinks of the harsh months of lockdown caused by Covid with the closure of cinemas, one does not reflect too often on the repercussions that the blockade has generated not only on the cinema in the sense of cinema enjoyment, but also as a set of activities that are indispensable for the operation of the big screen.

We refer in particular to all those technical assistance and IT support services that have become indispensable with the advent of digital. The return to the normalcy of daily life, with the reopening of all cinemas, has also put this area back on track, which is also looking to the future with some confidence, thanks to Pnrr.

Alice Tentori, sales specialist at Digima – an Emisfera Group company – talked about this on screenWEEK CINEGURU.

Read the interview!


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